Lindsay Lewis, inventor of the Clean Green Effluent System, on a Clean Green Weeping Wall.

"We are writing this letter in support of the 'Clean Green Effluent System'. From our prospective, this system is more environmentally sustainable than other systems.

The recycling of the water also means that there is less effluent to be applied to the paddocks. The low application rate system is regarded highly by us. It reduces the potential ponding or runoff due to soil saturation. On average each pod only runs once a day for 7 minutes. The short application time frame coupled with the low rate application from the K-Lines means that the majority of the main environmental issues with effluent disposal have been negated. We believe that the low rate application is also more beneficial for the pasture, as the plants can fully utilise the small amount of nutrients,applied before they receive the next application.

The "Clean Green Effluent System' is easier to shift and maintain than the other systems that we have used the past. A system such as this saves precious time that is required for other aspects of the farm. In addition, the solids/sludge can then be applied to paddocks further away from the shed that would not otherwise be available for using for effluent disposal. This greater flexibility and saving of time is of a huge advantage to our operation. The system, while fully automated in the timing of application if you so chose it to be, is also easy to maintain. This itself saves on time.

From a management perspective the 'Clean Green Effluent System' has made life a lot easier on this farm. It has freed up valuable time and has provided us with an effluent system that is not only more flexible but also in our opinion more environmentally sustainable. From this point of view we fully endorse the system in place on our farm."

- Robert Versteynen & Maria Gillespie